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This is what I’ve been sayin! So. Damn. Good.

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"Nancy From Now On" by Father John Misty (2012).

First things first: this track is absolutely incredible. When I say incredible, what I mean to say is transcendent. Seriously. By now, I’m sure you know at least a bit of Father John’s backstory — former Fleet Foxes drummer and solo performer, J. Tillman quits the Foxes, buys “enough mushrooms to choke a horse” (his words, not mine), does some soul-searching, finds himself holed up in Laurel Canyon, and composes one of the most refreshingly honest records of the past ten years. Hyperbolic? Perhaps a bit — especially considering I’ve known about its existence for a whopping two days — but come on…have a little faith in me. The album, Fear Fun, is full of absurdities — from the Willie-esque country honk of “Tee Pees 1-12” to the gritty “jesus chriiiiist, girl[s]” of the Aubrey Plaza certified ”Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,” Mr. Misty does not hold back. These twelve tracks are full, they’re self-aware, they’re straight up funny, and it’s these traits that immediately separate Father John Misty’s folk-rock from what the Fleet Foxes do. Where FF rely on bombast or overwrought emotion to cultivate an identity, Father John Misty simply says fuck it. 

— As for the song itself? Just one thing — it starts with what could very well end up being one of the best opening lines I’ve ever heard: “pour me another drink/ punch me in the face/ you can call me Nancy”. Woah. Dig in.